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Идеально подходит для всех применений: коммерческих проектов, контрактных работ, а также жилых домов


Разнообразие креативных дизайнов для удовлетворения самых разных требований; OEM приемлемо.


Производимые изделия основаны на высочайших стандартах и проходят строгие процедуры контроля качества.


В комплекте с сертификатами, такими как ISO9001, ISO14000, CE, VOC, SGS, FSC и т. Д.


Гарантийный срок до 10 лет.



• Soft and comfortable handfeel and beautiful and bright color.
• Super-strong cleaning capability.
• Special wddge-shaped cross section which helps in effective capture of dust particles of
several micrometers and has very obvious oil removing,deconta-minating,and water absorbing
• Not hair slip,reeling off of raw silk or pilling,and certain buffing action.
• Packaging according to requirements of customers:monolithic packages such as bags with
100 pieces,opp bags,pve bags,paper cards,etc.
• Microfiber fineness of superfine fiber tovel with diameter of 0.4 micron is just 1/10 that of
real silk.Warp knitted towel fabrics made by imported weaving machines have surface of
uniform,compact,soft,and high-clastic subtle nap balls,very strong decontaminating and water
absorbing properties,do not cause damage to wiped surfaces or cilia shedding which is
common among cotton fabrics,and are easy to wash and durable.